Bubble- CPAP

Bubble CPAP


Bubble CPAP

Bubble CPAP is a sort of special medical equipment for supporting of babies' breath which devised and manufactured based on the wide application of closed continuous NCPAP in department of pediatrics. It uses on the course of ventilation treatment of Nasal-CPAP for premature, neonate, infant to children below 14 year old. The mode of CPAP can reduce babies' WOB effectively, while keeping the autonomous respiration well.


Lead Standard 12 leads
Work mode Manual / Auto / Physical Examination / Storage Filter AC Filter : 50Hz/60Hz
• Supply a safe and controllable FIO2; Improve the physical sighs, such as height, weight. Keep the FRC effectively;
• Reduce infant's WOB;
• Reduce the need of invasive mechanical ventilation;
• Supply better warm and humid gas;
• Reduce the occurrence rate of the CLD;

Cpap Generator:

• It is easy to set the oscillating gas pressure from 3cmH2O to 10cmH2O through adjusting the CPAP pressure bar.
• The automatic regulating mechanism of water-level ensure the constant CPAP pressure.
• The dismountable chamber is very convenient.

Common parameter:

• as-source require: oxygen 0.3MPa~0.4MPa
• Built-in USB, RS232 interface, computer software optional