Glamatic | 6 Channel ECG

Anesthesia Machine
Analgesia Life

Analgesia Life

Standard Features

•Mild Steel Powder-Coated Trolley or Compact Cover on Castors with Brake
•Stainless Steel table top tray
•Six Cylinder Capacity, Two O2 & Two N20 5 It Water Capacity and Two 10
•It Water Capacity Cylinder at rear
•Standard Two-Tube Rotameter (230mm long) for 02 & N20
•Goldman type Extra Vaporizers
•Space for Two Extra Vaporizers
•NO Interlocking
•5" dia breaking caster wheels
•Oxygen Failure Warning Device
•Pressure Relief cum Non-return Valve
•Changeover Unit with Emergency 02 Flush
•Standard Magill's Breathing Circuit
•Rubber components antistatic tested
•Forged Regulators and Yoke Assembly
•Self-Sealing type 02 Outlet at 60 psig
•Oxygen outlet for driving ventilator (Double manifold)
•230mm long R/M Tube 02 & N20 with Hypoxia Guard
•Provision for - Tec Vaporizer & 10 Litre w/c cylinder carrier
•Two central gas pipe line provision for
•(02 & N20 one number each at rear side)
•Optional Circle absorber