Glamatic | Syringe Pump

Syringe Pump Model : GPSP106

Syringe Infusion Pump

Syringe Pump

Rate mode, TIme mode, Volume mode,& Body weight mode

Model : GPSP106
Glamatic syringe pump is a portable & Unique apparatus, specially designed for NEONATAL, PEDIATRIC AND ADULT patients, who require superior accuracy, dependability and security when it comes to Infusion Therapy.

Features :

• Rate Mode, Time Mode, Volume Mode & Body Weight Mode
• Drug Library - Storage of 600 Drugs names with 25 pre-loaded and others can be added by the operator
• LED & LCD Display
• Selected Occlusion Pressure.
• Regulating flow rate conveniently
• Automatically recognize Syringe Size & Brand
• Automatically releases pressure after occlusion alarm
• Preset volume infused
• Lock the flow rate setting keys when infusion
• Provision to enable power to 2-5 pumps with single power cord when mounted in IV pole.
• Audio and video & Voice alarm
• Password Protection (Optional)
• Nurse Calling Facility (Optional)
• Total volume indicator
• KVO-User Selectable & Programmable
• RS202 Port
• Bolus Function

Technical Specifications:

Mechanism Stepper Motor/Lead Screw. Microprocessor Controlled Syringe Size 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml 30ml & 50/60ml Compatible Syringe All Brands available in India (DISPOVAN) & Others.
Flow Rate Range User Programmable
Increment of 0.1 ml/hr
0.1-400ml/h (10ml)
0.1-600ml/h (20ml)
0.1-1000ml/h (30ml)
0.1-1800ml/h (50ml)

Bolus Rate Auto & Manual 1 ml to 800ml/hr Volume Infused 0.1 - 9999.9ml Step by 0.1ml Occulution Three Steps H,M & L Accuracy % 2% Maximum Pressure (PSI) 60 10N Volume-Infused Display Yes Prime / Purge Control Yes.


• Infusion Near End Yes
•Infusion End Yes
•High Pressure/Occlusion Yes
•System Malfuction Yes
•Syringe Unlocked Yes
•Plunger Disengaged Yes
•Low Battery Yes
•Battery exhausted Yes
•Syringe Misplace Yes
•Take Off syringe Yes
•When Infusion Yes

Dose Error

•Reduction System : Yes
•Event Log : Yes
•Communication Port: Rs232
•Pole Mounting : Yes (Both Horizontal or Vertical)
•Water Proof : Yes
•Power Supply : AC 220V 50Hz
•Power Consumption : Less than 25VA
•Battery Type : 12V
•Battery Operation : 6 hours continuously
•Recharge Time : 15 Hours
•H x W x L (Inches) : 13 x 26.5 x 12 in
•Weight : 2.1kg