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Glamatic Career

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Our focus are on enhancing people's lives every day. Our people are proud of working for Glamatic.
Life @ Glamatic
●Stimulating work environment
Glamatic offers its employees challenging assignments and a world-class working environment. At workplace exhilarating with energy, Glamatic provides the right mix of professional challenges, knowledge and entertainment. Glamatic gives its employees ample opportunity to learn by getting wide exposure in delivering solutions for global based clients and working on the latest available technologies.

●Team Work
Glamatic believes that the secret of success lies in bright and creative minds working together. Glamatic is a high-energy company filled with people who want to be challenged and rewarded for meeting those challenges. Strong and cohesive teams, but disciplined environment and a never say die spirit makes everyone feel the companionship at work place.

●Fun @ Work
Glamatic believes that happy employees are productive employees. To make you happy we have a lot in store like Birthday Celebrations, Fun fridays, Festival Celebrations, Sports week, annual day function, Parties etc.. Team HR thrives on making you feel that we are one family and building great camaraderie among employees.

●Emphasis on Learning
Glamatic helps its employees to realize their highest potential. In house and international experts conduct regular training sessions to enhance team's domain knowledge and keep them abreast of latest technology tools.
We offer careers which are in sync with individual strengths in nature and understand the need to be at par with the latest technologies and business practices. Keeping this in mind, training and development programs are focused to transform each individual into a true professional.

●Focusing and following our core values:
At Glamatic everyone believes in bringing good and doing good into the world. Employee s at Glamatic practice core values every day. We all believe that Core Values always guide us in a better way & striving towards becoming a world class organisation

●Learning and Development
Glamatic provides its employee a various platforms to enhance their skills and utilize their abilities to the fullest. The training programs are designed to provide impact trainings to all the employees. Glamatic also give focus approach towards the functional expertise of its employees. Keeping that in mind, our employee undergo comprehensive technical program also.

Events @ Glamatic
At Glamatic we make our culture as important as the business needs and priorities. People come to work for Glamatic because they believe in what we stand for and for what we do. At Glamatic we cultivate a sense of belonging and identity, relieving stress, have Fun. Also, being in the healthcare industry the most important is the health of the employees for which ,Glamatic provides regular health-check up and vaccinations to all the employees.

Rewards and Recognitions @ Glamatic
Praise and recognition are essential to an outstanding workplace. People want to be respected and valued by others for their contribution. At Glamatic we believe in recognising the contributions and efforts of the employees in every possible way we can.

Corporate Social Responsibility @ Glamatic
As human beings, we believe in doing good and bring good into the world. At Glamatic we believe in doing good to the outside world and help people in need. We measure our success by how we positively impact people and Society.

Employee Engagement
Glamatic believes in employee harmony. We provide various platforms to our employees to share their feedbacks, concerns and suggestions for areas of improvement.

Our Core values
At Glamatic everyone believes in bringing good and doing well into the world. Employee s at Glamatic practice core values every day. It is the believe of the OMSI that Core Values always guide us in a better way & striving towards becoming a world class organisation.

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